Our popular STATUE OF LIBERTY & ELLIS ISLAND TOUR is geared to make life easier for our guests. The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, in upper New York Harbor, is almost two miles from the shore of lower Manhattan. Ellis Island is a half mile closer. This tour is designed for those who wish to have a knowledgeable tour guide accompany you to the iconic Statue of Liberty and the historic Ellis Island.

Due to the Statue and Ellis Island’s popularity, we suggest this tour begin relatively early in the morning to avoid the possibility of long lines for the Liberty ferry boat. With advanced notice, Statue of Liberty Pedestal/Museum passes can be arranged. Due to their limited number, crown passes, which give you access to walking up to the statues crown, are extremely difficult to obtain. The Statue Pedestal entry passes, which includes access to the Statue of Liberty Museum and the Statue’s 10-story pedestal observatory are more abundant and easier to obtain. Please note that quoted rates do not include ferry transport tickets to Lady Liberty.

A Tour Designed With You In Mind

Visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island is an extraordinary day of architecture, stunning views, and history. This tour is usually a 4 – 5 hour tour, depending on how many stops and sites you wish to make on the islands and any additional time visiting sites in the city upon our return.  All our tours are specifically designed for you!  No two tours are alike as all our guests have different interests.  If you wish to have lunch while on tour, arrangements can be made.  There are food concession dining areas located on Liberty and Ellis Island if you desire a quick snack.

Your tour will begin at your pickup location. We will immediately drive to Battery Park to board the ferry out to Liberty and Ellis Island. Liberty Island is our first stop where we disembark the ferry to explore the Statue of Liberty and her island. Crown and pedestal passes are optional. The Statue was a joint effort between America and France for America’s Centennial.

* Did you know that the Statue of Liberty’s real name is “Liberty Enlightening the World?”

Ellis Island would be the second stop. Ellis Island is one of the country’s most important historic sites and along with Liberty Island the third most visited national monuments in the country. We could explore the Ellis Island Immigration Museum where your guide will walk you along the exact path that 12 million courageous immigrants had from 1892 to 1954, such as Bob Hope, Bela Lugosi, Albert Einstein, Harry Houdini and Gustav Mahler. Enjoy the galleries of artifacts and the Wall of Honor. The Ellis Island experience is overwhelming for all, as are the views of New York City across the harbor.

Your starting and ending location is usually at your hotel. However, we will gladly meet you at any local location you desire. Our tours are all about you and New York City!

Experience The City To The Fullest

We highly encourage bringing your camera, as there are so many photogenic buildings and sites throughout this tour. We’ll also recommend local restaurants close to the Statue, (including snack areas on both Liberty and Ellis Island) and within each neighborhood where you may consider dining while you’re visiting the city. We’re glad to make reservations for you, as well.

Guests find our guides enthusiastic, entertaining and extremely knowledgeable in their ability to explain New York culture, history and all the many wonders that make NYC the special place that it is! Foreign language tours can be arranged for you.

Please allow us the privilege of touring you and your group to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and throughout the great City of New York!



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