Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen a ghost? Where do ghosts hang out?

Many cities claim to be the most haunted in America, but our vote goes to New York City. From its early colonial days in the 1600’s as a Dutch trading post to its modern-day status as the center of world commerce, finance, art, fashion and entertainment,  New York City has always attracted adventuresome spirits – earthly and otherwise.
What ghost wouldn’t want to hang around this town!
Join us for our special Halloween haunted tour this Autumn. Or, as a matter of fact, we conduct our ‘Ghost Tour of Manhattan’ all year long!
Sights may include:
  •  A visit to two of the most haunted houses in NYC and the ghostly women who refuse to leave their beloved homes
  • The haunted Broadway theaters of Times Square where performers of bygone eras continue to perform
  • Our favorite haunted taverns where you might toast a few to the unseen,  though often not so quiet, ghostly patrons
  • Famous historical cemeteries, including the vortex of many NYC hauntings
  • And many more…

No other Ghost tour in Manhattan is like our tour. Most local ghost tours are walking tours that are limited to one neighborhood. Our Town New York’s ‘Ghost Tour of Manhattan’ can cover neighborhood’s uptown in Harlem to the old colonial downtown Wall Street area. See and hear the legends of haunted 18th century colonial mansions and cemeteries, stand beside a “Ghost Ship,” have an evening beverage and hear stories of the supernatural in one of many well known 19th century haunted taverns!

A Tour Designed With You In Mind

This Tour is usually a 3 – 4 hour evening Tour, depending on how many stops you desire to make, and how much of the city you wish to see.  It can be extended if you so desire.  All our tours are specifically designed for you!  No two tours are alike as all our guests have different interests.  If you wish to enjoy a snack, drink, or dinner while on this tour, arrangements can be made.

Your starting and ending location is usually at your hotel. However, we will gladly meet you at any local location you desire. Our tours are all about you and New York City!

Your tour will begin by your driver/tour guide asking questions such as:  “How many times have you visited New York City?  What have you seen thus far during your visit?  What is it that is most important for you to see and do?”  And then we customize a tour specifically designed for you to enjoy the many Haunted Mansions, Theatres and Cemeteries. If you have a list of sites and neighborhoods you wish to visit, we are here to accommodate your wishes.

Sites & Neighborhoods

Our Tours are flexible to meet your desires for what you wish to see and do.  If you are already familiar with some of the neighborhoods on this tour, we’ll make substitutions of other neighborhoods during your tour.

Experience The City To The Fullest

During your tour we’ll point out the contrast in architecture from neighborhood to neighborhood, which makes New York City so unique and interesting, as no two neighborhoods are exactly alike.

Your request is welcome at any time for your touring vehicle to stop, so you could explore a site, store, or just to stop and take photographs. We highly encourage bringing your camera, as there are so many photogenic spooky buildings and sites throughout the city.

Guests find our guides enthusiastic, entertaining and extremely knowledgeable in their ability to explain New York culture, history and all the many wonders that make NYC the special place that it is!

Please allow us the privilege of touring you and your group throughout the great City of New York during those cool Autumn evenings while enjoying the eerie Haunted mansions, Theatres and Cemeteries throughout the city!


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